Mr. Sunflower


The doorbell rings obnoxiously, breaking the silence on the empty house -well almost empty, the russian sighted wondering who would visit this late. Breaking his train of though, the annoying sounds of rings forces him to finally get up opening the door.

"Happy Birthday, big guy!"


It reveals a man- no, teen holding a sunflower. The guy must be smiling behind it; the smile, though hidden, was contagious. aklsdfslfhcan’tfinish here more pictures-


It was shared secret between them and with all the nicknames he gives, it was quite obvious Ivan loved sunflowers, but this one was most definitely his favorite.


i-uh, sorry, late for this thing as well as Christmas. sorry

ahmerst replied to your photo: Hi! Just wanted to tell you follower guys Thank…

Abloo bloo, no! Thank you! For posting such wonderful art. I’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement from when I first followed you, it’s so cool to witness!

/)////(\ nooooooooooooo… i-i ;A;) thanks so much though, i’m in a spot where i don’t really like my art right now and- ((that really helps for motivation))

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